The Unity Teaching

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A worldwide Spiritual Movement dedicated to helping people discover and express their divine potential;

A diverse community of Truth seekers who are open to insights from all religious tradition, philosophy, and science;

A teaching of practical metaphysics and mysticism that can be applied to everyday life situations for wise decisions, healing, supply, and relationships.

We call our teaching “Unity,” for there is One Truth, which can be expressed in multitudes of ways;

One truth, which is too vast to be contained within the limits of any book, religion, or philosophy.

We call our teaching “Practical Christianity,” for Unity’s essential principles are found in the example and work of Jesus the Christ.

Unity does not demand that students and members accept a creed; Unity asks only for an open mind and willingness to consider and try ideas that can work in your life.

Truth is everywhere, for God is Truth and Omnipresent.

You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.” [John 8:32]

1-GET CENTERED i amUnity’s Five Principles:

  1. There is One Presence and Power in the Universe and in our lives: God the Good Omnipotent.
  2. Every person is one with God and has an innate Divine Potential.
  3. Our essence holds the Creative Power of God. Being aware of this Power, we manifest our reality through our thoughts.
  4. Through affirmative prayer and meditation, we connect with God and bring out the good in our lives.
  5. We live the Truth we know through our thoughts, words and actions.


Centered In God, We Envision Global Spiritual Enlightenment


We Are A Vibrant Center Of Spiritual Energy, Transforming Lives.


God Centered, Love, Sacred Service, Inclusivity, Integrity

The Unity Center of New York City is open to everyone: every race, ethnicity, religious background and sexual orientation. Learn more about Sunday Services HERE.

With inclusiveness as one of our Core Values, we invite you to consider membership in our community.  Click HERE to learn more.