Membership Workshop Pt 2: HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER

Unity Membership Workshop

Sunday, DEC 15th, 2019


1:30-2:30 pm

Current and prospective members are invited to participate in this two part workshop in which you’ll learn about the Unity movement and teachings as founded by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. We’ll also explore the Vision, Mission and Core Values of The Unity Center of New York City, give you the opportunity to get to know fellow seekers on this positive path, and learn how you can participate more fully in this thriving New Thought Ministry.

Attendance at both seminars is part of the requirement for those interested in becoming an official member of The Unity Center and having the privilege of voting on important Center matters.

If you are simply interested in learning more about Unity, then please feel free to attend only Part 1.

To be eligible for Voting Membership*, the requirements are:

1. Consistent attendance at our Sunday Services for a minimum of eight Sundays per year.

2. Consistent financial support of The Unity Center of New York City. [This will require indicating your name on the designated envelopes for a cash or credit card donation or writing a check to ensure accurate records.]

3. Sacred Service: A minimum of six hours per year. [Opportunities to serve will be announced regularly at Sunday Service.]

4. Attendance at a two-part membership workshop annually. [Membership workshops will be offered three times per year by the minister.]

*PLEASE NOTE: To ensure accurate records, those who wish to be voting members of the Unity Center of New York City are required to check off a card to let us know each time you have attended Sunday service, participated in sacred service hours and attended Parts 1 & 2 of the annual Membership Workshop. It is the voting member’s responsibility to fill out the attendance/participation cards, which can be found either in the lobby at the Welcome Center or inserted into your Sunday program.