God Told Me

While we all seek God’s guidance, let’s be careful not to use our spirituality to convince people we’re “right”. Learn more in this brief video.

Full text below:

Love does not insist on its own way. Wow! Do we ever insist on our own way? Do we ever insist that we’re right and others are wrong? Is there only one right way in every situation? I don’t think so. I think there are different ways to answers and solutions. There are different avenues. There is no one right way. There is one truth, God, and many paths to the one God. There isn’t even one right way to God. God is. And to insist that I’m right and you’re wrong, and that it needs to be my way, is limited thinking. Isn’t it? And it causes resistance in other people.

Nobody wants to go along with someone who believes that their way is the only right way, usually, unless they are like a sheep who doesn’t want to think…But for us, we realize that…no. And one thing that I’ve seen people do is use their spirituality to try to convince other people that their way is the way to go. Have you ever seen that happen?

“God told me that this is what we should be doing. My guidance is…right?” Well, here is the problem with that: that’s not fair. How do you argue with God’s guidance? “God told me that this is the way we should go.” Well, you don’t have much argument against God, do you?

The problem with this is that even enlightened masters aren’t always sure about God’s guidance.

They check it; they test it; they discern it…so that’s not fair play. I heard of a lady telling me once that a man after church came over to her and told her: “God told me to ask you out to lunch.” (Laughter) “The problem is, she said, God didn’t tell me.” (Laughter)

You know, sometimes we need to exercise our patience, when we do receive guidance, because other people may not be ready for that guidance. J. Donald Walters, the late Donald Walters, who was a spiritual leader of hundreds and hundreds of people, would say that sometimes he would wait years to address something in another individual, because that person wasn’t ready for it. Talk about patience and leadership! Wow!

Sometimes we may have an idea about what’s right in a situation but the people are not receptive to it. And, so the question can be: What’s trying to happen here? What is spirit seeking to do in this person, in this situation, right now? And then that opens us up to possibilities.

I’ve seen a church get into a real big fight—people in a church fighting—because they were voting. One wanted one person to be the president of the board and another faction wanted someone else to be the president and they were fighting over it…and I met with one of the people and the whole idea of “what’s trying to happen here” helped him so much to just stand back and be detached…not insist on his own way…not insist that it has to be this way…but “what is God seeking to do here?” “What is seeking to unfold in this situation?”