Love Flowing Up

The word yoga means union, uniting the higher with the lower self. In meditation, Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore received the word ‘Unity’, which he interpreted to mean union with the One Power and Presence in the Universe: God. As part of our journey in knowing and expressing that oneness, yoga teaches that individuals tend toward one of three paths, based on their personality: The Yoga of Wisdom, Devotion or Service. As part of his series ‘Unity & Yoga’, Justin Epstein explores each of these paths.

In this video: The Yoga of Devotion: Love Flowing Up.

Full Text: (Transcript by Victoria Barkley)

The path of devotion is the path of love, stirring up the heart’s love and channeling that love to God.  Whenever you do anything spiritual– prayer, spiritual reading, and positive thoughts– the love of the heart naturally goes upward. Right here, the point between the eyebrows is considered the Christ center, the spiritual eye.  Place your finger there, just for a moment–the spiritual eye, right there. 

Jesus said, “If thine eye be single, thy whole body will be filled with light.”  When you do something spiritual the love of your heart naturally flows up here in union with God. But when we send our love to things, and we get attached, the love is flowing outward and it can lead to bondage.  Ultimately, we want that love of the heart flowing up to where we can experience union with God.

When you get still and quiet, that energy flows up and you feel union with God.  Then, you can love people with freedom.  You can love people, truly love–without needing or being overly attached, or using people, or manipulating people– because God is your source. 

God is your source and you are here for God.  You are here to love God and you are here to receive God.  Ultimately, devotion is:  loving and receiving from God.  Being receptive enough, still enough to receive from God–light, love, wisdom, power and all good–this is the path of devotion.