Irritability & Resentment

Struggling with irritability & resentment? Check out this video for some ideas on how to cope.

Full text: (transcript by Victoria Barkley)

“Love is not irritable or resentful.” We can skip that one, can’t we? “Love is not irritable.” You know, my take on irritability is: sometimes it is a result of being tired, of a lack of nutrition, a lack of exercise, and wearing down one’s will-power.

You know, psychologists now say that you have a limited amount of will-power in a day. That if you are using your will-power dealing with difficult customers, dealing with the boss, trying to get yourself to take action to do what you need to do that you are using that will-power all during the day. So, developing self awareness, if you are low on fuel and you are low on energy, there can be an inclination to be irritable.

I really believe that food impacts how we are emotionally and what we have been engaged in during the day can impact us as well. So, when I leave the Sunday service today and go to a Board Meeting, I’ve got to really draw on my reserves to be calm and poised. You know what I’m saying? Pray with me on that, will you? And pray for the Board.

I believe that getting enough rest and taking care of yourself, can greatly go a long way toward overcoming irritability. Being kind to yourself is realizing: “I’m a little low on energy right now. I’m sorry I’m a little irritable. Excuse me for a moment. I need to take a break,”…or, whatever…

Resentment: To re-send something, to re-live it in your nervous system, to re-live what the person said, did, didn’t say, and didn’t do, to re-ignite those bad feelings within oneself, that is to resent something. And who does that hurt? It hurts us, to re-live it over and over and over again.

I would invite you this holiday season, this Chanukah, this Christmas, to give yourself the gift of forgiving someone who has in some way, knowingly or unknowingly, trespassed against you.

Consider being open and receptive to that love, healing your heart and changing the channel that “wants to re-live channel of what that son-of-a-gun did to me.” Change the channel to the Nature Channel to the Love Channel, to the God Channel, to the Sports Channel, to the Music Channel and change your thinking about that.

Give the gift of forgiveness this Christmas.