Unity in Diversity

Diversity is the spice of life, but many people fail to see the Unity in that diversity. Learn more in this brief video: Unity in Diversity.  Enjoy! – Justin Epstein

Full Video Transcript (transcript by Victoria Barkley)

We have a world today where we still have a ways to go in recognizing the love, the universal presence of God that is within every soul. Don’t we?  You and I are on the cutting edge of seeking to know this oneness.  Well, a lot of people are living in ignorance of their oneness.

A lot of people are still living in separation. They’re seeing differences.  They are seeing diversity and they are getting lost in the delusion of diversity.

It’s important to remember that diversity is the spice of life.  Is it not?

Look around.  We have diversity in our congregation.  We have great diversity, not only in the different colors of clothing, with the different colors of our skin, the different male and female…We have such a great diversity here…and I love that about the Unity Center of New York City—don’t you?— The great diversity that we have. (Applause)

Diversity is the spice of life. God made diversity.

God made diversity in the natural world:  We see not only dogs and cats; we see mice and rats… (Laughter) We see giraffes…we see elephants…we see porcupines…we see sharks…we see lions… we see sheep… we see a wide diversity…we see it in the flowers and the trees, in the insects…

We see all kinds of diversity in our world, and we see it in people: We see tall, short, thin, wide… we see different colors of skin…we see differences all over the place…different sexual preferences…We see different nationalities…We see people who speak different languages…We go to different parts of the world and we see different geography.

The world is filled with wonderful diversity and that is as it should be, otherwise life would be boring…wouldn’t it?

We also see diversity in our own lives.

How many of your lives just stay at an even keel and it’s just the “same old, same old,” with no problems and everything is just smooth and easy sailing… nobody, right?  We’ve got even challenges in our lives which we can hide from or we can embrace as a part of life.

There was a great quote I’ve read where this person said he was waiting to move through the challenges, so then his life would begin.  And then he realized, no, his life was those challenges—those challenges were a part of his life.

So, we got to learn to be good surfers, you know.  Surf with the waves of life and the diversities that come in.

One sage taught to see the unity in diversity. And that’s where we may fail at times.

We get caught up in the diversity, the differences, and we start to become afraid.  We start to share myths about the diversity that we see—some would call that prejudice, to pre-judge something without having experience with each individual.

To me, to pre-judge is to judge a whole group of people based on maybe one experience we had, (or experience someone else had,) and we create some concept or label in our head about an entire group of people—based on a few experiences that we may have had. Or, maybe we didn’t even have them; we were conditioned, growing up, to think this about other people.

And that is unfortunate and it’s sad because when we shut out other people, we shut out our own sense of oneness.  We shut out our love.  We shut down the powers that are within us and our capabilities of experiencing more love and more joy and more aliveness on the planet.  Isn’t it true?  Not only that, but we participate in creating pain for other people unnecessarily.

And the message of Jesus…even though it’s been 2000 years, we’re still learning it, aren’t we?  We are still learning the message and I think we have a ways to go…

And all you and I can do is to do our part and make the journey, take the journey, the best that we can in our own lives…to be real and sincere with ourselves and try to see where we are stuck and where we’re living in delusion and blame, so that we can choose to think differently, choose to awaken to our oneness…