You Belong

Many of us, at one time or another, experience feelings of loneliness or isolation. We long to belong, and might forget our true nature, which is always connected to the One Source. Always know that you were intended on the planet so that God might express as you. You belong. Learn more in this brief video message.

Full Video Transcript (Transcription by Victoria Barkley)

“How could someone who feels like they are a mistake in being born have a sense of belonging?”

There are no mistakes. You are God’s child first. You are God’s offspring. You are here on the
planet because you belong on this planet. You have a right to be on this planet. You are God’s
child first. You come through human beings. They are not your Creator, they are vehicles through
which you come into the world.

Now, we come in through certain vehicles for our own lessons and journey. You know, there are
lessons for you from this experience, difficult ones, but you are God’s child. You are here for a
reason. You are loved by God, that’s your true parent. There are no mistakes. You are here by
divine appointment. Know that for yourself.

It doesn’t matter how we get here, the fact is you are here. And you have the gift of life. And God
loves you exactly as you are. And you have some gifts and talents and things to contribute
here—that’s for you to accept for yourself. All those labels… (Applause) See? You got support in

How can you belong? Because to know that, just like everybody else here today, on this planet,
they’re here for a reason too…They are here for a reason too: to learn, to grow, to learn how to
love, (love themselves, love other people,) to use their gifts and talents…

Oh, you’re here, so you belong. It’s just like anything in life, if someone else can do it, why can’t
you do it? You want to do it? If someone else has done it, why can’t you do it? You’re a human
being too. You’re on the planet now because you belong.
So, get to know that presence, that God that loves you and learn to love yourself. And you will start to feel your connection and your sense of belonging.