The Law Of Attraction – The Hoopla Explained

Unity founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore summarized the Unity teachings in 5 basic principles. In this series, based on the book “The 5 Principles” by Ellen Debenport, Justin Epstein goes deeper into how to incorporate these principles into our daily lives. In this video: The Law Of Attraction – The Hoopla Explained.

FULL VIDEO TRANSCRIPT (Transcription by Victoria Barkley)

We can look at our life and see “What are we creating?” Some know this to be The Law of
Attraction. The Secret made that a worldwide phenomena. To understand this idea of The Law
of Attraction, Unity has been teaching it for over a hundred years, and Jesus Christ taught it two
thousand years ago. And it’s simply a principle that has been taught throughout the ages… and…
and… we can actually, consciously use it in our life.
Jesus said, “The measure you give, will be the measure you get back.” And it’s important to
understand that we’re really… as we said a few weeks ago, or maybe it was last week… that
we’re… we’re kind of learning this. We understand it intellectually, but we’re really just learning
how to be creators. We’re learning how to use The Law of Attraction and this principle of cause
and effect. We’re still babies at this process.
You want to know what it’s really like? You look at Jesus Christ. You look at Buddha. You
look at other sages and saints and you begin to see how it can be applied and use. But we’re still
understanding the ins and outs of this principle.
So, let’s talk about how it works. Prov. 23, verse 7: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”
Now, when we say thoughts create our life. we’re not just meaning, of course, cold thoughts. A
thought includes feelings. A thought includes images. Thoughts include all of that. Feeling is
the key. We can have these feelings unconsciously, and they are attracting into our life, even
though we may not realize it.
This is probably why we don’t always get what we want, consciously. Because we may… “Oh, I
want a relationship.” But on an unconscious level, we’re afraid of rejection. So, what’s going to
manifest? We may go, “I want to be wealthy.” But on some level we think that it’s wrong to be
wealthy. Maybe we have a spiritual belief that having money is contrary to living a spiritual life.
Or, we have other contradictions going on. So, we may consciously want something but be
repelling it on another level.
And the question of selfishness sometimes comes up… That it seems selfish that I’m going to
create what I want in life… that I’m going to… and that was a big criticism of the… The Secret,
and The Law of Attraction. In fact, I agreed with the criticism. “Oh The Secret seems so
materialistic. You read The Secret. You watch the video. And there’s a lot about attracting
houses and cars, and different material things. It wasn’t all that way, but… you know… there was
a good emphasis on that. Put pictures up of what stuff you want to attract in your life.
Well, I think my attitude is changing about that now. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I
think the purpose in life is to wake up to our oneness with God. That’s our innermost, deepest
desire… is to know God. But there is nothing wrong with attracting money. There is nothing
wrong with, if you need a car, attracting a car. There is nothing wrong with wanting to attract right tenants for your… apartment you’re renting. There’s nothing wrong with attracting a right place for you to live in. There is nothing wrong with attracting whatever you want in your life.
Many have been raised in a religion to think that it’s a… it’s a… spiritual to be broke, spiritual to
be poor. Jesus didn’t say that. He didn’t teach that. You know, it’s often quoted "The love of
money is the root of all evil.” Well, that’s not what it says. It says, “The love of money is the
root of all evil.” Which ultimately means, not making God your source. You know, if we make
money a god, or we make anything a god, then we’re going to get into trouble.
We’re not saying, “Make stuff a god.” We’re saying, “God is my source and with the power of
God, I can attract into my life — I can create and am creating — my life.” And so, we’re doing it
from inner guidance, from being centered in God.
I mean — quite frankly, personally — I don’t focus much on stuff that I want to attract. It seems
to just show up, without me focusing on it. And I think that’s what happens when you live in a
positive attitude and you live in the divine flow, things will show up without it being your focus
of attention. And that’s also The Law of Attraction working… But it can work either way.
I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with focusing and attracting something. Of course, if
you’re really attached to it, then you’re going to learn from pain and attachment, that ultimately,
the thing will not make you happy. And that’s the key. Nothing in the outer world is going to
ultimately make us happy.