Peace Be Still

We all face storms in our lives but amidst those storms, we can maintain inner peace. Find out how in this brief video.

Full Video Transcript

Jesus was asleep in the boat during a storm on the Sea of Galilee.  The disciples were afraid.  “Master, don’t you care about us?”  Jesus woke up.  And he spoke to the storm: “Peace, be still,” and the storm subsided.  And there was a calm.  And he looked at his disciples… Can you imagine spending time with Jesus?  And he looked at his disciples and he said, “What’s the matter?  Where is your faith? Where is your faith?”


God, it’s easy to be full of faith and courage sometimes and then  later on  you’re like, “where did my faith and courage go?”  Did you ever have that?  If the Hebrews–when they were wandering in the wilderness…you know, there was a point in the story where they had everything they needed…you know, the manna would appear…every day they had exactly the food they needed…and the clouds would guide them along…and yet, there was always…they would forget…they would forget… Did you ever have that happen to you?  Happens to me sometimes.


Because we’re here to grow, I think.  And, ” Life is an adventure, or, it’s nothing,” as Helen Keller says.  And as we expand and grow and face new things, that uncertainty, that fear comes up.  And we can say to those storms of fear:  “Peace, be still.”  We can face them.


Jesus knew that despite the occurrences God was everywhere present.  God was in all things.  God was in him…God was in them…  and that all would be okay.  He got into that consciousness, and that awareness produced an inner calm, and the storm responded.  If you believe that everything is connected–and I believe that everything is connected–there is one life…there is one presence… and there is one power.


I know that there are people like Thomas Jefferson who took all the miracles out of the Bible.  And some of them are stories that have come down perhaps… But I believe that someone of the nature of Jesus Christ felt his connection with all of life, with all the people, with all of nature, and he could–with his very consciousness–still the storm.


And you and I are omnipresent in our bodies…if nothing else.. and I believe we are omnipresent with everything… but in the very least we are omnipresent in our bodies.  And we can say to the storms in our own mind, “Peace, be still.”


“Peace be still.”  There is something within you and me that is greater than appearances.  There is something within you and me that is greater than anything we can ever face.  And we can draw upon that presence and power at any time.  There’s something in you that is Spirit, that is the image and likeness of God, created in the image of love.  And in the image of love, there is no fear. ” Perfect love casts out all fear.”


The scripture, second Timothy says, “God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love, and of a sound mind.”  When you get in touch with that, you’re able to think better, you’re able to express better…be able to do what you need to do…