Manufacture Happiness

We all co-create our own experience. You can co-create misery and pain or joy and happiness right now. Learn more in this brief video: Manufacture Happiness

Full Video Transcript

There were these people, this husband and his wife were on the train—they were taking a trip. And there was a man sitting across this couple. And he noticed that the lady was well-dressed.  She had on a fur and jewels, but she was complaining.  “The train is drafty.  The food is just inedible and the service appalling!”  Now, her husband looked like an amiable sort of guy, but he was uncomfortable.  Probably he had planned this trip as a vacation and he was disappointed with how she was responding or reacting to it.

The husband introduced himself as a lawyer, and said that his wife was in the manufacturing business.  And this is where he made a mistake on the trip.  The stranger looked at the wife and thought; she doesn’t look like an industrialist, or a CEO of anything.

“What does she manufacture?” he asked.

The husband said, “She manufactures her own unhappiness.”

And, you know, she manufactured some “happiness” for him that afternoon.  But it’s true; we manufacture our own unhappiness.

We can say, “oh, but they make me angry; it’s the boss; it’s the this, or that…”

And, you know, it’s very challenging what we’re talking about here.  It is very challenging and it takes a lot of responsibility but we will never make joy a habit until we realize that people can say things, that things can happen and they can trigger things in us, but ultimately the buck stops with us.

We are choosing our reaction to what people say and tosituations in our lives.  And until we really understand that, we can’t really make joy a habit, because we’ll constantly be blaming external circumstances…like people in the restaurant, or the boss, or whoever it might be…