Unity Center Membership

unity buildingThe Unity Center of New York City is a Vibrant Center of Spiritual Energy, transforming lives in the heart of midtown Manhattan.  We are open to everyone: every race, ethnicity, religious background and sexual orientation.

With inclusiveness as one of our Core Values, we invite you to consider membership in our community.

We have two levels of membership:

  1. Non-voting Members: Congregants who complete a two part membership workshop.
  2. Voting Members: Congregants who complete a two part workshop, and meet additional requirements listed below, will be eligible to vote on Center matters at our annual member meeting as well as at special member meetings that may be called periodically by the Unity Center Board of Trustees for a specific purpose.
In the two part workshop current and prospective members will learn about the Unity movement and teachings as founded by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore.  We’ll also explore the Vision, Mission and Core Values of The Unity Center of New York City, give you the opportunity to get to know fellow seekers on this positive path, and learn how you can participate more fully in this thriving New Thought Ministry.

To be eligible for Voting Membership, the requirements are:

1. Consistent attendance at our Sunday Services for a minimum of eight Sundays per year.

2. Consistent financial support of The Unity Center of New York City. [This will require indicating your name on the designated envelopes for a cash or credit card donation or writing a check to ensure accurate records.]

3.  Sacred Service: A minimum of six hours per year. (Opportunities to serve will be announced regularly at the Sunday Service)

4. Attendance at a two-part membership workshop annually. Membership workshops will be offered three times per year by the minister.

If you have any questions about membership, please don’t hesitate to contact us through this website (see “Contact” tab in Menu) or by emailing: web@UnityCenterNYC.com.