The Unity Center of NYC was thrilled to host the World Premiere Screening of “A Sound Called Unity: The Twelve Powers”, a documentary by James F. Twyman featuring our own Rev Justin Epstein!

More than 30 well known Unity Ministers share their insights on each of “The Twelve Powers”, as described in the classic book by Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore, in this documentary that follows NY Times Bestselling author and filmmaker James Twyman as he travels to Syria to host a synchronized meditation in which millions of people participated on February 1, 2016.

Unity’s World Premiere Screening also featured a Q&A and musical performance from James Twyman.  

The video below is a song James described as a “Love Letter to God”.

(Please note: This video is embedded from Facebook which may have the audio on mute.  If so, click the speaker icon on the lower right hand side of the video to hear the audio!)

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