Unity World Day Of Prayer: Infinite Presence; Unlimited Potential

Unity World Day Of Prayer: Infinite Presence, Unlimited Potential

Thursday, September 12th

12:00 pm – 7:00 pm

I celebrate the vast possibilities for my life.

You are invited to participate in Unity World Day of Prayer at Unity Center of NYC.

Draw upon divine power and presence to realize the limitless possibilities in your life.

Join us for an afternoon of Music, Prayer & Meditation

With Special Meditation Services led by Justin Morley at 12 noon & 6 pm

Join together with tens of thousands of people around the world. Together we will hold the high watch during World Day of Prayer, affirming that ­there is no spot where God is not. Wherever we are, God is. ­

In the Sanctuary.

World Day of Prayer is a 24-hour prayer vigil and meditation.

What Is World Day of Prayer?

Held annually on the second Thursday in September, World Day of Prayer unites Unity and draws in New Thought partner communities for a 24-hour period of prayer practice. In prayer, we dissolve our personal borders as we realize God within us, around us—an active source of life, love, and wisdom.

Guiding Prayer

Breathing in to prayer, I am in awe of the unbound spirit, the in­finite presence within and around me. God is vitality in my breath, beauty in the natural world, strength in my determination, and compassion in my acts of service. I recognize God in the spaciousness of the universe as well as in my limitless dreams.

Let me set my sight beyond where I have seen before, into the vast reality of divine power and presence. Let me draw upon divine power and presence in order to ful­fill my great potential.

In the harmony of prayer, my heart beats to the rhythm of God. The pulse of in­finite life moves me, nourishes me, and empowers me to give life to my dreams.