Unity Goes To The Movies Hosted By Rod Kennedy: Homecoming

Unity Goes To The Movies Hosted By Rod Kennedy: Homecoming

Sunday September 15, 2019


Free Admission

Homecoming is a 1948 romantic drama starring Clark Gable, Lana Turner and Anne Baxter directed by Mervyn Le Roy.

The film is about how Dr. “Lee” Johnson (Clark Gable), a rich and successful doctor isolated from the real world and whose main focus is on the country club and his pampered wife, is changed by war and his nurse Jane “Snapshot” McCall (Lana Turner), whose idealism, strength and skill prompt him to reevaluate his principles.

Homecoming combines a look at WWII and forbidden love. It is about how war changes people and how returning home from a war is sometimes much more difficult than war itself.

“What a gem this story is! Here you will find no platitudes; no heroes 10 feet tall. This is about the most caring, life-affirming story you are ever going to find.”

Run Time: 1h 53min

Followed by a discussion of the film and Unity principles.

Unity Goes to the Movies was begun by Rod Kennedy in April 2011 at The Unity Center of New York City for the purpose of showing movies that illustrate life lessons and instruct. It is also hosted by Rod who selects films that are drawn from the opus of movies made in Hollywood over the years that have come to influence and define our culture.

Much like the stories that were incorporated into the Bible, some of these movies are modern teachable moments about every day life that can instruct us on our spiritual path. After each movie, Mr. Kennedy hosts a discussion where everyone gets a chance to offer his or her insights and comment about the film.