Unexpected Income Prosperity Program


What is the Unexpected Income Prosperity Program?

The Unexpected Income Prosperity Program is a spiritual action that blesses the lives and environments of participants. An Abundant Life is yours by Divine Inheritance and increased prosperity comes to us in what appears to be unexpected ways and we often don’t acknowledge it as income; sometimes we don’t even notice it.

“Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” – Luke 12:32 (KJV)

Through a conscious and deliberate approach to our Higher Power (Affirmative Prayer) we become more aware of Its presence within ourselves and we unlock our own potential for abundance. A receptive mind is all that’s required for successful demonstration.

How does the Unexpected Income Prosperity Program Work?

The first step is to decide to join the fun!  Complete the pledge card and receive your program packet.

Those committing to the Unexpected Income Prosperity Program are called to engage in affirmative prayer, observe, give thanks and give back.

The program packet includes your Prayer for Prosperity. You will begin and end your day with this prayer, setting the Law in motion for your increased good!

Expect that you will see yourself and all those who participate make a shift in prosperity consciousness. When you receive unexpected income: Give thanks and give a 10% tithe to The Unity Center separate from your regular Sunday offerings, gifts or tithes.

You will be surprised how the Law of Attraction is always working in your life and how the Practice of Observation of unnoticed income increases your flow of good!

What do we mean by Unexpected Income?

Here are some examples: You find some money on the street, in a purse you haven’t used in a while, or in a

pocket of an old pair a pants. You get an unexpected check in the mail or someone gives you some money for a gift of service. Someone treats and takes you out for coffee, a meal or a movie. You get an unexpected discount or refund.

These are simply a few possibilities of Unexpected Income, but you get the idea. You’ll be surprised how much good is constantly coming into your life that you haven’t consciously noticed as income!

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