Meditation and Stress Management: Simple Tools for Stress-Reduction, Health and Well-being

Meditation and Stress Management

Simple Tools for Stress-Reduction, Health and Well-being

Sunday, March 3rd

1:30-3:30 pm

$15 suggested love offering

Meditation has been clinically proven to reduce blood pressure, relieve chronic pain, and aid the body in healing illness.  Recent studies indicate its effectiveness in reversing heart disease.  This workshop is at the cutting edge of stress reduction, offering a powerful blend of meditation techniques, guided meditations, and a step-by-step plan for getting to the root causes of stress.

In this workshop, you Will Get the Tools and the Understanding to:

·         Dramatically Ease Stress

·         Release Tensions at Will

·         Put Aside Fears and Worries About Things Beyond Your Control..and Solve Problems You Can Fix

·         Gain Increased Clarity of Mind

·         Work More Effectively With Situations and People

And…You Will Learn:

·         What Meditation Is

·         Why You Should Meditate

·         Tips for Building a Meditation Habit

·         The Causes of Stress and How to Free Yourself From Unhealthy Patterns of Thinking and Reacting

·         How to meditate on Your Own

What Others Say of the Workshop

“The best training on meditation I have ever had.  Really puts the pieces together.”

Maxine Ritchie

“Two thumbs up!  Practical, inspiring and lovingly delivered.”

Brenda Haney

Incredibly Empowering!”

Russ Purris

Don’t Miss this extraordinary opportunity to learn the art of meditation.