Board Member Candidates

Board Member Candidates

On Sunday, April 29th, Unity will be holding its Annual Membership Meeting. We will be electing members to the Unity Board of Trustees: Two Full Term Board Members and one Alternate Board Member. The candidates are Phyllis Joy Steinberg and Natalie Helms, each for a 3 Year Term and JoAnn Craner for Alternate Member, 1 year term.

Meet the candidates.


I am honored to be asked to run for the Unity Board.  If I am elected, I will dedicate myself to supporting Rev. Justin and all the members of the Unity Congregation to make the Unity Center of NYC the best it can possibly be.

I have been a member of Team Unity for 7 years doing sacred service in many ways. It has been an honor for me to perform this service.

My background:

 1963                            Received my Master of Fine Arts Degree from Yale Drama School.

 1963-1989                   Worked as a professional actor/singer in NYC and on tour in plays and musicals     and I appeared in more than 100 TV and Radio Commercials for such products as American Express, United Airlines, Viva Paper Towels, Lifesavers, and Bounce Fabric Softener.

1999                            Received my Master of Science Degree in the Graduate School of Education.

 1989-2000                   Worked at Goldman Sachs on Wall St. as a Senior Assistant to a Partner, and then as a Training Associate teaching customer service skills to new hires.

2000-2011                   Worked as a Training Consultant for major banks (Citibank, Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and TD Bank) traveling all across the USA.

 2011                            Hit by a car while walking on the sidewalk.  Spent 6 months in the hospital and rehab and am lucky to be alive.

2012-2018                   Attended Unity Services as a member and served as a part of Team Unity.

 2012-2018                   Retired. Volunteer at SAG-AFTRA on Seniors Committee, and at ASPCA to try to get safe homes for shelter dogs. Volunteer at Team Unity.


 Unity has been integral to my spiritual evolution for the past 7 years. My journey included both the Unity uptown and for the past few years Unity Center of New York, which I am blessed to call my Spiritual Home.

My professional background includes over 30 years of experience in strategic marketing, brand management and field sales both within the corporate environment and as a small business owner.

Today my coaching/consulting business evolved from both my corporate experience and the many years of personal work developing the “ever unfolding” need to see beyond my own “stuff.”  I work with clients taking a holistic perspective to help create “Aha” moments for change.

I am honored to be considered for Board service and to be part of the team working to carry The Unity Center of New York City forward.


I started coming to the Unity Center in the summer of 2012.  I am thankful to have a spiritual center in Manhattan where I can commune with like-minded souls who share the same enthusiasm and dedication to furthering their spiritual practice while traveling their own spiritual path.

I have always been interested in different philosophies, metaphysics, and healing modalities for the body, mind and spirit.  A graduate of Brooklyn College with a BA degree in Sociology, a minor in Psychology and so many classes in Philosophy I could have been a Philosophy major, I have a tendency to be curious about the human condition, mass consciousness and group dynamics.

With over 20 years of experience in fitness and nutrition I have been a certified fitness trainer and life coach practicing healing modalities, visualization techniques and meditation for some time.   Although recently retired as a physical trainer I am working full time as a Principal Administrative Associate for a New York City Agency.   My prior work experience includes working as a Communications Administrator for Information Builders, as well as a Marketing Coordinator for Tams Consultants, the NYC Academy of Sciences and IEEE in an administrative capacity in the conference activities department many years ago.

I am very pleased with how my spiritual aptitude is expanding under Rev. Justin’s leadership and the support, warmth and grace the Unity Center always seems to afford me.  I’ve attended many workshops through the years and the Retreat offered in 2017 was a special highlight for me bringing me to new levels of awareness with the meditation techniques and practices shared.

I am very delighted and honored to be considered for Board Service.  I feel Unity holds an important position for continued spiritual learning and growth, as well as serving a key role in providing spiritual services and practices continually serving to enrich our souls and uplift our hearts.  I want to share in ensuring that Unity stays this vibrant Center rich in culture, diversity, aliveness and creativity.  While ever reaching for new heights, pursuing new spiritual endeavors and embracing new spiritual goals.