Emotions, Worry & Prayer – Oh My!

It’s a primary New Thought principle that our thoughts are things; that what you focus on – and the emotions attached to those thoughts – manifest in one way or another in your life. Learn more about that, and the role prayer and meditation play in creating your experience, in this brief video message.

Sexual Energy: The Path To Genius

In his classic book “Think And Grow Rich”, Napolean Hill writes, “When the emotion of romance is added to those of love and sex, the obstructions between the finite mind and Infinite Intelligence – are removed”. He also describes the transmutation of sexual energy as necessary to become a genius, transforming it from the commonplace…

Take Up Your Bed

“Just do it!” We’ve heard that slogan before, but how many of us go years before we make a change we know in our hearts should have been made a long time ago? Take up your bed – and walk. Learn more in this brief video message. Video Transcript Remember the man who sat by…

Dig A Well

Many of us are on a spiritual path because we say we want to achieve ‘enlightenment’. But is that true? Are we willing to dig a deep enough well in our consciousness, or are we only skimming the surface of some intellectual idea? Learn more in this brief video message.

Follow Your Heart

Moving in the direction of our dreams requires more than “to do” lists and an action plan. It requires listening the voice within which always guides us in the right direction. Follow your heart. Learn more in this brief video message.

You’ll Never Be Perfect

Having trouble keeping that promise to yourself to eat healthier, exercise or start that project? For many of us, it’s because we set the bar so high for ourselves, it would take nothing short of perfection to achieve our goals. But — newsflash – you’ll never be perfect! Learn more in this brief video message.…

Eat The Frog First

Do you find that you have dreams and goals but tend to abandon your plans right out of the gate? The solution? Eat the frog first! Learn more in this brief video message.

Christmas Message: Let Your Love Light Shine

The primary message of Jesus the Christ was that we are created in the image of Love; that we are God expressing as us, and he sought to teach us to awaken to that Oneness. This Christmas, know that truth, and let your lovelight shine. Learn more in this brief video: Let Your Love Light…

Choose Peace This Holiday Season

Many of us have a lot of expectations around the holiday season that can lead to stress in our lives. This year, choose peace. Learn more in this brief video:  Choose Peace This Holiday Season. Full Video Transcript Do you have a lot of expectations about what the holidays should be like?  Do you have…

Unity in Diversity

Diversity is the spice of life, but many people fail to see the Unity in that diversity. Learn more in this brief video: Unity in Diversity.  Enjoy! – Justin Epstein Full Video Transcript We have a world today where we still have a ways to go in recognizing the love, the universal presence of God…