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“SUPER YOU: 7 Steps to Profound Peace & Personal Power” by Justin Epstein

The greatest things that happen in your life are not consciously thought about or planned, like meeting a special someone, reading a life-changing book, or getting a great job.
These coincidences have to do with Super You, even though you may not know it. Through knowing your deepest, Spiritual Self, you can attain what you need to be truly happy without making jobs, relationships, health, and things the primary focus of your life.

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FEBRUARY Book of the Month

“It has been said that in order to be a realist we must believe in miracles. Miracles are a fact of life . . . Shortcut to a Miracle will help anyone understand the central place of the miraculous in every human being. — —Larry Dossey, MD, Author of Prayer is Good Medicine”



In SHORTCUT TO A MIRACLE, co-authors Michael C. Rann & Elizabeth Rann Arrott tell about a number of people who have experienced real miracles in their lives—wonderful things that have  benefitted their health, success, relationships and  prosperity. There’s nothing special or miraculous about these people. They’re people just like us, except they found the way to their miracles simply by understanding how to open the door and allow the miracles to enter

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Select Justin Epstein talks available on DVD:

  • “Born To Be Rich”
  • “Sex & The Spiritual Path”
  • “Unity & Yoga”
  • “The Five Principles”
  • “Your Greatest Freedom”

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