Dear Spiritual Seeker,
Science has proven that unhealthy stress weakens the immune system. Stress is caused by fear, which is an emotion, triggered by future-based thoughts of bad things that might happen. Although it’s prudent to create plans and take practical steps (see below), dwelling on fearful thoughts will not protect you.
When your thoughts are in the present, there isn’t anything to fear. Years ago, before being taken into surgery, a friend observed, “You’re so peaceful!” The reason was because my attention was focused on the friend, not on the surgery. When your attention is in the present, you are guided to take appropriate action to meet the needs of the moment.
A simple tool for bringing attention to the present is to take some deep breaths and as you exhale, focus on relaxing the muscles of your body.
Being calm and peaceful promotes a healthy immune system. Don’t waste your precious moments in fear. Focus instead on the good that exists in the present.
Be an example to others for handling life in a calm, peaceful and practical way. Send thoughts of peace and harmony to loved ones and others.  You are greater than fear.
The Way-shower said,
“In the world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
And so can you!
-Justin Epstein
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Due to the recent actions taken by the Governor’s office of New York City, and after careful consideration of the needs of our community, Unity Center will continue operating with increased precautions in the coming weeks. Please follow us on Facebook for the most up to date news regarding events and cancellations as this situation develops.
  • Sunday services will continue at both 9:30 and 11:00 am.
  • If you are feeling unwell, we urge you to stay home and focus on your healing.
  • Unity Center’s 11am service will be available for viewing via livestream beginning Sunday, March 22nd. This includes the entire service, including meditation, musical guests, and Justin’s weekly message. Please visit us on Facebook to view.
  • We will temporarily close the Sangha Space – there will be no coffee, tea or snacks served, nor will we set up a space for gathering. This will be reviewed on a weekly basis.
  • The Youth Program will continue to meet at 11am
  • Sanitation efforts have been increased. We have increased our cleaning staff hours and are fully disinfecting the space twice a week. Hand railings, countertops and door handles will be routinely cleaned throughout the morning on Sunday.