The “I Am” Plan Of Happiness

Are you living on the “I Am Plan of Happiness” or the ‘Deferment Plan”? Learn more in this brief video.

Full Video Transcript (Transcript by Victoria Barkley)

Another tool for experiencing more joy in my life:  I call it Getting on the I Am Plan of Happiness and many people live on The Deferment Plan of Happiness.  Or, living on a popular island called The Someday Isle.

Someday, we’ll find a new way of living…Someday, you know, I’ll graduate college.  Someday I’ll get married.  Someday I’ll have kids.  Someday I’ll get divorced.  Someday the kids will move out of the house and then I can really start and focus.  Someday I’ll retire and then I can do whatever I want.  Someday I’ll go to heaven and I’ll be happy.  Someday I’ll…

I say, get off the Deferment Plan, and get on The I Am Plan of Happiness.  Please touch your neighbor and say:  Get on The I Am Plan of Happiness.

When Moses was called to lead the Hebrew people out of Egypt, he was told to go back to the Pharaoh and to make some demands.  He was put in quite a negotiation situation then.  And he said, “Who should I say sent me?  What power do I go to the Pharaoh with?”  And he heard: “I am that I am” (in George C. Scott’s voice,) “I am that I am.”

In Unity, we think of the I am as God within us; God expressing as us…I am… Jesus identified with the I am, I am the Good Shepherd, I am the Way.  The I am is God in you.  That’s the Way, that’s the Shepherd.  Eric Butterworth referred to it as the I am-ige.  The I am-ige that’s within you.  And it is this I am that is our true nature.

The I am joy, as the Easterners teach, Satchidananda, the eternal bliss. You are created in the image of that joy.  You are created in the image of that happiness.  And one of my first teachers on this path of searching was a book that I picked up by Swami Satchidananda.  And in that book I read that your nature is joy that God is happiness and that happiness is everywhere present.  That presence is being you, and so, you are happiness.

He said, “You are happiness personified. You are the supreme bliss.”  You are the joy.  You are the image of happiness. Wow.  Wow. He says, just be happy.  Hm, easier said than done, isn’t it?

Why?  Because often our mind gets disturbed; it gets disturbed because many times we think that our happiness comes from the outside.  And if people say things, or do things or circumstances don’t work the way we want them to go, our mind gets disturbed and we get unhappy.  We forget our true nature.

Or, we are happy and then a “want stone” falls in our mind and we think that we want or need something in order to be happy.  Now, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with having wants, no, not at all…

Jesus said, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added onto you. I am saying, finding a place of fullness within, finding a joy, finding a happiness, that’s independent of the external and knowing that that will draw things, people and circumstances into your life, and going after things from a state of: I am Happiness.  I’m doing this, I’m getting this, I’m moving toward this because it’s part of why I’m here, part of my plan, part of my purpose.  It helps me to be more of who I am.  It helps me to express more of my gifts.  It helps me to have some comfort, so I can be and do my best and make a difference in the world.

Happiness is about moving in the direction of being more of who I am and expressing the joy that is my true nature.  I am completely happy and content within myself.  Doesn’t that sound good?  I am completely happy and content within myself.  That means wherever you go, so does paradise.  You have a portable paradise…wherever you go…I am completely happy and content within myself…want to say that with me?