Tithing – How Giving Is Key To Prosperity

What is tithing and why is it a key to prosperity? Learn all about it in this brief video.

Full Video Transcript (Transcript by Victoria Barkley)

The Kingdom is within us.  It’s through a Law of Giving that we unlock and release the abundance that is within us.

A tithe:  As we all know from the Old Testament, Abraham gave the priests one-tenth of everything that he had.  And he became one of the wealthiest people on the planet.

Charles Fillmore once said, “You know what you believe by what you do with your money.” Hm.  Isn’t that interesting?

When I first learned about tithing in 1985, it made such sense to me that I started to tithe and I’ve been doing it ever since.  And what I have noticed is that through giving of my finances, it has developed my faith in God as my source. God is my source.

Now, I know it might sound a little self-serving for a minister to stand up and talk about tithing.  But I would be remiss because it is, I believe, a principle of giving that actually works.  And it’s something that I’ve been practicing for many years myself.  Because I believe it really is a principle that affirms our faith in God as our source and opens out a way through which more good can flow into our life.

Tithing not only helps us financially.  It helps us in other areas of our life because when we give of our finances, we are keeping things in circulation. And what we do in one area of our life affects all the other areas of our life.

Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul–one of the bestselling books of all time–writes:  “Tithing is a money multiplier, not a money subtractor.  It expands, multiplies and adds value to all that you do.  When you begin to live this law, you’ll lay claim to a multiplied harvest of thirty-fold, sixty-fold, or a hundred-fold.”

Now, that may come in money, it may come in other opportunities.  I have seen so many things happen in my life and the lives of others that were gifts that just unfolded.  It was like, wow, what opportunities, what abundance that comes forth.  And I believe tithing is one of the ways we get in tune with that Law of Abundance.

One of the world’s greatest investors was the late Sir John Marks Templeton, founder of the successful Templeton Fund and a student of Unity since he was a young child.  You might have seen the book in the airport, in the bookstore–Tony Robbins latest book, called Money.  In it he asked: “Was John Templeton the greatest investor who ever lived?”  That was John Templeton.  And he was a student of Unity.  He supported a lot of spiritual groups.  And he said, “Tithing always gives the greatest return on your investment.” Hm. Wow.  Something to think about.

Now, even though a tithe is a tenth of one’s gross income, we all need to work with where we are, I think.  So, a tithe may be too much to bite off from the beginning, so, one can work their way up.  You can start with one percent, two percent, three percent, and work your way up.

The key is to do something and do it consistently, systematically. Make your giving systematic, because you want your receiving to be consistent and systematic, not haphazard.  You want to be in a continual flow of giving and receiving.

There are many people who want prosperity but they miss the part of giving–that is the key to prosperity.