Christmas Message: Let Your Love Light Shine

The primary message of Jesus the Christ was that we are created in the image of Love; that we are God expressing as us, and he sought to teach us to awaken to that Oneness. This Christmas, know that truth, and let your love light shine. Learn more in this brief video.
Full Video Transcript (Transcription by Victoria Barkley)

Every human being is a spiritual being. Every person is a God in disguise—every person—doesn’t
matter what race, doesn’t matter what religion, doesn’t matter what political affiliation. It doesn’t
matter what country they live in. Every soul is a spiritual being. And I believe that was the primary
message of Jesus, the Christ, to wake up to the truth of oneness.

You may have heard me tell the little story about Mrs. Rosenberg, whose car broke down in front of
a resort hotel on Cape Cod. And she went inside to get a room.
And the clerk said, “We don’t have any rooms.”
She said, “What about the vacancy sign outside?”
He said, “You know we don’t take Jews here. Go to the other end of the Cape.”
And she said, “Well, I converted to your religion.”
“Sure you did. You don’t even know where Jesus was born.”
“I certainly do. He was born in Bethlehem.”
“Yeah? Where?”
“In a manger.”
“Huh. Why?”
“Because some jerk of a night clerk wouldn’t let a nice Jewish lady…”

Ignorance…ignorance…We get caught up in fear. We get caught up in a sense of separation, and
we shut down. People shut down their lovelight.

How does your lovelight shut down? That light that is your true nature…When does it shut down?
When does it create separation for you? Is there someone in your family that you’re going to be
spending time with this holiday season, where you find that your light grows dim? Is there a clerk
in a store? Is there any other situation that you need to be aware? Maybe you can somehow
be…and I can be…a little more willing to let our lovelight shine even more than last Christmas.

You know, it’s so easy to get conditioned. We just react a certain way to our friends, our
family…You know, we think they are the way they were…We prejudge them. They have been that
way for so many numbers of years and that’s who they are. Maybe we can open up to the
possibility that maybe they’ve changed some. Maybe they are a little different. Or, maybe we are
different and things can be a little different this holiday season. Does that make sense?

Is there a relative you’re estranged from? Is there somebody that there might be some bitterness or
resentment for? That might be a good place to let our lovelight shine more brightly. Because
holding on to any of that blocks our potential. It blocks our power.

Jacques Lusseyran went blind around the age of eight, and suddenly had to find his way around
walls and doors and people. And what he discovered is that there was a light inside of him, that if
he was in tune with it through love, he was in tune with it. But when he wasn’t in tune with it,

when he was angry, when he was bitter, when he was resentful, when he was judgmental, the light
began to dim, even to the point of where he found himself to be truly blind.
That’s what happens in the world. We get disconnected from the love that’s our nature, because of
those things: anger, fear, and all of that. That’s why we need someone like Jesus the Christ to be
born…to teach us the truth that we are created in the image of love…that we are God expressing