Replace Fear With Faith

How can you push past fear in your life? One way, is to substitute fear with faith. Learn more in this brief video.

Full Video Transcript (transcript by Victoria Barkley)

Did you know that 19 million Americans suffer from fear related disorders?  And we know that anxiety and fear can affect our immune system.  They can interrupt sleep and cause everything from acne to ulcers and can immobilize us and prevent us from succeeding and achieving the good we desire.

How do we overcome fear and develop courage?  What are the steps that we can take?

Well, first of all, substitute fear with faith… And one of the techniques that we can apply is to imagine the worst that could happen.

What’s the very worst that could happen?

Let’s say, somebody is worried about losing their job.  What’s the worst that could happen if that person lost their job?  Well, you follow it out.  You look at it.  And then you think about what is the thing that I’m really afraid of.  And then, you acknowledge:  “With God, I can handle that…”  “I can handle that…”  “With God, everything is going to work together my good.”  “Perhaps, I’ll even find a better job–as many people do…”  when they no longer… There’s been many folks who have found even better work to do, or they have created their own business.  Or, they have gotten their minds working in such a way that they went on to a whole new field.  Everything working together for good.  What is the worst that could happen?  Follow that line of thinking.

I once received a phone call from a lady who was afraid.  She previously had operations on both of her eyes and she was going to the doctor that afternoon.  And she called me because she was afraid.

And I said, “What are you afraid of?”

She said, “Well, I have ocular degeneration.  And I’m afraid I’m going to go to the doctor and he is going to tell me that there’s nothing he can do.”

And I said, “Well, if that’s true, then what?  What would happen?”

And she said, “Well, and I know that with God I’d be able to handle it…whatever would happen.”

I said, “That’s right. Now, I’d like you to replace your fear with faith.”

I pointed out that during the course of the conversation she had mentioned many times “I have ocular degeneration… I have ocular degeneration… I have ocular degeneration…”  And I pointed out that maybe that’s not the best way to constantly focus on what the condition is… not saying don’t go to the doctor…not get it treated…

I know a lady who gets shots for ocular degeneration and it’s helped her eyes over the years…and she is a Truth student… But to constantly focus on that?  I encouraged her to bless her eyes.  I encouraged her to acknowledge the life and intelligence that was in her eyes… to have a view of faith..not just focus on appearance but on the possibility.

And she thanked me.  She was relieved.  She said she knew that but she needed to hear it.  She needed to hear it again.

What are the appearances in your life that cause fear?  Remember the Truth.  Lift up your eyes!