God Walks Beside You

What does it mean to walk with God? Learn more in this brief video. Enjoy!
Full Video Transcript:
God walks beside me. Guides my way through every moment of this day. That sounds very anthropomorphic, doesn’t it?
God walks beside me. Can’t you see him? And what does he look like while he’s walking beside you. Well, let’s just say, I know of metaphysicians, some metaphysicians, who don’t like this prayer because it has some anthropomorphic images to it and what I would like to say is this presence is infinite. Right? That’s hard for a lot of people to grasp; infinite. They can’t relate to it. This is why in Hinduism there are a lot of different aspects of God. So people can relate to, understand the infinite presence.
You know, they have the elephant, which is Ganesha (thank you) and there’s other images, Shiva and so on. These are aspects of God. The Hindus don’t believe in many gods. They believed in one God with different aspects and so some people need some symbol to relate to. And what I would like to say is, if you relate to Jesus Christ and you like to talk to Jesus Christ or pray to Jesus Christ, wonderful. If you relate to Kwan Yin or Buddha or a guide or mother Mary and that helps you to relate to this infinite presence wonderful! Just remember, that each one of these guide and spiritual teachers and way showers are appointing you, ultimately, to know your oneness with that presence.
But as long as you relate and know, however, you can relate to that presence being with
you within you, guiding you. It’s always seeking to guide us and we just need to trust that. Know that. And as much as possible keep ourselves centered in that peace. In that calmness. In that trust. So that we are always in tune with that presence. It’s much better
to take a shortcut to our good, then having to go a round about way and learn and experience those growth opportunities. You know you can take a short direct route to your good or you can just disregard that guidance and soon and take a roundabout way and learn our lessons and so on and experience our growth opportunities.
But I’ve always liked that idea that you can’t really make a wrong decision because whatever decision we make, we will learn from it and grow and be in a different consciousness. To where we’ll make a different decision next time. So it’s all for our learning. But why not make it as easy on ourselves as possible and get in touch with that presence trust it and seek to be an avenue to follow it. Because what so often can happen is we, as human beings, can feel like no, I want it my way, i want it my way! I’ve got the right way, and so on. And we may have that right way but we might also short-circuit a higher way that’s seeking to unfold through us. So I love the idea that Jesus expressed that I will be done and when you have that attitude I’m finding more and more and more that you can trust that. Spirits working in your very thoughts and feelings that you are so close to that guidance and wisdom, you may not even realize it. And to trust yourself and trust that you’re being guided. God walks beside me, guides my way together. God walks beside me, guides my way through every moment of this day.
Together through every moment of this day.