Love Heals Hate

Read any paper or watch any news program and you’ll see evidence of hatred in this world.  What can we, as students of the Unity path, do to heal the hate?  Justin Epstein takes a look, in this video: “Love Heals Hate”.

Full Video Text: (transcript by Victoria Barkley)

When we are angry, bitter, and resentful—what happens—we dim our own lights.  We dim the light that is within us.  One man who was an emancipated slave, had every reason to be filled with hate, but he lived with spiritual integrity.  His name was Booker T. Washington.  He said:  “I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by hating him.”  I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by making me hate him.  He went to work at age 9, as a janitor, worked his way up and became the head of Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. 

We do not need to allow others to determine our own attitudes.  We can make a choice to respond more from a place of love and compassion and let our own light shine in the world.  This is the only way we’re ever going to transform this planet.   

There is going to be continued acts of hatred on the planet.  We are going to continue to read it.  We’re going to continue to see about it.  And I would encourage you also to notice how much you engage in conversations about the stuff and read it and expose yourself to it. 

I have read that when you visualize something and you see it, it is almost like experiencing it.  When you see it three times, it’s like experiencing it.  So, when you re-live hateful attitudes, hateful things on the news over and over again and talk about it, we might find ourselves angry, bitter, resentful and becoming more hateful ourselves.  You ever notice that?

Some people who are involved with animal rights and the next thing you know, they act hateful toward human beings.  Well, what about a human being that’s an animal and also spiritual?  We see some people who are so much against racism, they are so angry about racism that they are becoming hateful. 

We have to check ourselves.  It starts with us.  Mother Theresa said people wanted her to join causes against things.  She said: “I won’t join something against something else.  I want to be for something.” 

What are we for?  We are for becoming loving.  We are for being who we are.  We are for letting our light shine, not to become part of the hate.  All this stuff on Twitter and Facebook, tearing people apart for the mistakes that they have made…I think it’s more hate.  People feeling like they are being good by tearing down other people—I don’t think that’s good—I think that’s hateful.  It is easy to do that.  We’ve got millions of years of evolution that says strike back. 

But the cutting edge evolution that you and I are interested in is being more of who we are as a spiritual being…to evolve the light and love that we are and that’s not easy but it is possible. 

And it happens with our neighbor, with our friends, with people in our church.  It happens with our son, our daughter, our parents, the post person.  It happens when we read the paper and how we react to what we are reading.  It happens in our conversations with one another.  This is how we can walk the walk and truly contribute to healing the hate.  We all are capable of it. 

We can learn from the story that was in Time Magazine, and I’ll close with this.  Cantor Michael Weisser, a Jewish Cantor…he and his wife, Julie moved to Lincoln, Nebraska…and there they began to receive hate-mail from a man named Larry Trapp, a neo-Nazi and a member of the Ku-Klux-Klan.   Larry Trapp had lost both of his legs to diabetes and all he did everyday was send hate-mail to minority groups.  That’s all he did. 

So, Michael Weisser was getting these messages but he was choosing to respond from love.  He responded from kindness.  And he began to leave messages on Larry Trapp’s answering machine.  And Michael said his wife, if he ever answers, say something nice to him, he won’t know what to do.  And one day, Larry Trapp answered the phone.  And Michael knew about his physical condition and he offered to buy Larry groceries.  And there was silence on the line.  And then Larry said:  “That’s been taken care of but thank you, I appreciate the offer.” 

Days later, Larry Trapp called up Michael and he was tired of his hateful ways, and he asked Michael to come over.  Before he went over, Michael’s wife, Julie looked for a ring that she had given him years before.  And he went over with this silver ring and when they greeted 

Michael took Larry’s hand.  And Larry looked down at his hand and shock went through his whole body.  He forgot to remove the two Swastika rings.  He took them off, not knowing that Michael had brought a silver ring to put in their place. 

They became friends after that.  Eventually they became best friends.   And when Larry Trapp became very sick from the disease, Michael and his wife took Larry into their own home, to take care of him.  Wow! 

It is possible.  It is possible that in the face of hatred you and I can choose love.  And when you and I do it more and more and more, it contributes to the global consciousness so that more and more of us respond differently.  We respond more and more from that place of love. 

St. Paul said that love overcomes all things.  Love heals hate.  God bless you… Amen.