Why The Thief Returned The Diamond

So, why did the thief return the diamond and what does that have to do with you and me? Find out in this brief video.

Full Video Transcript (Transcript by Victoria Barkley)

There’s an Indian parable of a monk, who was walking outside.  He was taking a stroll and he sat in an open field to eat his lunch.  And, as he was eating his lunch, a thief was going by.  And the thief happened to see that in the sack (from which) the monk was pulling a sandwich, there was this very large diamond.  So, the thief ran ahead and hid in the bushes.  After the monk was done eating his sandwich, he journeyed along the path.  And when he got to that area, the thief jumped out of the bushes.

And the monk said, calmly, “What do you want?”

And the thief said, “I want that diamond you have in your sack.”

“Oh, you came all this way just for that diamond?  Here you go.”

And then the thief took off and proceeded away.  And after a while, he looked back to see if the monk was following him.  And what he proceeded to see was that the monk was sitting peacefully in meditation, with a look of bliss on his face.

And the man went back to the monk and he said, “Hey, here’s your diamond back.  What I want is what you have, to be able to be so peaceful without that diamond.”

Changed by the subtle world, values reordered.  A sense of security, that comes from knowing the source.  A sense of security and peace and joy, having values right.  So many times we’re in the material world, where we are seeking the outer stuff.  We are seeking the promotion.  We are seeking someone to love us.  We are seeking a cure.  We are looking outside, all around us, trying to find that missing something that is all the while inside of us.  And if we had that, what would we have?  We’d be happy.  If I had that I’d be happy.

Well, what if you’re happy now?  What if it is your true nature?  Happiness now.  What if joy and peace and serenity and calmness and fulfillment are yours now?  They are.  That’s the spiritual truth.  That’s the truth of the subtle world.  When we get in tune with it, it speaks to us and it changes us…it changes us.