Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Sometimes we can’t get rid of our fears. We just need to feel that fear and take a step in spite of it. (Note: Here’s the link to the lion cub video referenced in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB9RX…)

Full Video Transcript (transcript by Victoria Barkely)

Every one of us has fears.  We all do, if we are growing, and even if we are not.  We are trying to play it safe in our work, in our home, in our relationship.  Even if we’re trying to play it safe…someone once said, you know, are you just fiddling and jiggling and jittery until you die?  Some people are like that.  They are just fidgety until they die.  Because they are not out doing something with their life.

And, if you are doing something with your life, you are going to face fear.  And what do you do?  You feel the fear and you do it anyway.  You feel the fear and you take a step.  None of us would be here today if either our mother or father didn’t feel the fear and do it anyway.  Isn’t that true?

There would be no great anything on the planet, if somebody didn’t feel the fear and do it anyway.

One of the simple ways to replace fear with courage, is to act as if you’re courageous. To move forward anywhere, Aristotle said, the best way to develop courage was to practice courage in every situation where it was required, until it became a habit.

In her book, Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway, Susan Jeffers gives us some guidelines for overcoming fear.

  1. The fear will never go away as long as I continue to grow. Hmm.
  2. The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out and do it.
  3. The only way to feel better about myself is to go out and do it.

I read a statistic one time that said that if you want to do something and then you don’t do it,  out of fear, you feel less about yourself.  Remember that…remember that. “Should I do it?  Should I not do it?”  Well, how do you want to feel about yourself?

4. Not only am I going to experience fear whenever I’m on unfamiliar territory, but so is       everyone else.

5.   Pushing through fear is less frightening that living with the underlying fear that comes from a feeling of helplessness.

Be a lion, as Scott was singing earlier.  Call on that inner lion.  That lion that will face life and roar.  By the way, you go to my Facebook page, or The Unity Center Facebook page, you’ll see the most amazing thing on there.  I just put it on there this week.  It is a tiger…I don’t know what the right word is…a lioness… It is a lioness.  And it is a guy who is playing with this lioness and her cubs, her newly born cubs.  Go, see that.  It’s amazing.

Harvard psychologist, William James said, to feel brave, act as if you are brave.  And a courage fit will very likely replace the fitter  field.  Feel the fear and do it anyway.