Faith In God. Faith In Yourself

Do you have faith in God but not in yourself? Not possible! Learn why in this brief video message.

Full Video Transcript (Transcript by Victoria Barkley)

One of my favorite quotes was one of Eric Butterworth’s.  He says, “Your faith in God can never exceed your faith in yourself.”

Some people say, “Oh I have faith in God.  I know with God all things are possible.  Oh, I know God can accomplish things, but me, oh, I can’t do it.  I am weak.”  Or, “You know, I was raised to believe in lack.”  That’s a contradiction.  Your faith in God cannot exceed your faith in yourself.  Why?  Because you are an expression of God.

You are a wave in the ocean of spirit.  God isn’t going to do it for you.  God is going to do it through you.  And, so you have to believe in yourself. And when you believe in yourself, you believe in the God that created you. When you talk negatively about yourself, you are denying the presence of God within yourself.

Your faith in God can never exceed your faith in yourself.

That’s why Jesus said, is it not written ye are gods? (With a little “g”) The works that I do you can do and greater because I go to the Father within.

And you and I can go to the Father within.  It is that light within you that is your source of strength.  It is that light within you that is the source of power.  It is the light within you that will help you keep on going when life knocks you down.

We learn hope too.  We learn it from parents.  We learn it from other people.  We find it in spiritual community.  When you go to a retreat; when you get to know people in this community, maybe coming to things that we have—where people get to know each other.  You are getting to know people that can support you.  And you are brushing elbows with people who have hope, who have faith.

In the Hindu teachings they talk about Sangha.  They talk about right company.  (Cell phone rings in the audience)  Hopefully that’s a friend calling you right now, to support you.  Talk about right company.

Pramahansa Yogananda said, “Environment is greater than willpower.”  We need support.  We need support. But it is through that power in yourself, that God within—Jesus called it the Kingdom—that is your hope, your light, and your strength.