What Are You Gonna Do?

What does it mean to be “rich”? Justin Epstein explores what the Unity Movement teaches about prosperity.

Full Video Transcript  (Transcript by Victoria Barkely)

The week before last, I was at an annual Unity conference in Kansas City, Missouri. And while I was there, I just talked to a friend. I said, “You know, I feel like some things are opening up. Things are unfolding. And I feel like some new things are unfolding at the Unity Center and in more and more ways we are moving to a different level and there are other things that are going to be unfolding.” I just felt that.

And that day I had a phone call, asking me if I’d come to Kansas City in September and speak to ministers about leadership in a changing movement. And I told my friend. And my friend said, “See, you have said things were changing and unfolding.”

And then, next thing you know, I was attending a seminar, sitting next to this person, and he introduced himself, I introduced myself…

He said, “Hi, I’m James Twyman.”

I said, “You are an author, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m an author and I am also a film maker.”

He told me his project. He was producing a film on the Twelve Powers and he was inviting ministers to be a part of that film on the Twelve Powers and would I be interested.

So, a few days later, he was interviewing me in his hotel room, on the Twelve Powers, and I proceeded to…He said okay, Justin, tell us about Love (one of the Powers) in a minute or less…Love…Now tell us about Life in a minute or less…Life…Love…Wisdom…Power…, you know, the Twelve Powers…And at the end he said, “Wow, Justin, you’re like a machine. Just put a quarter in…you just…

He said, “I’ve got a problem here, Justin. You have given me so much good stuff…I’ve got thirty other ministers, I have to choose what of your stuff to use….By the way, while I still have you, would you mind if I interviewed you for my other film, on the Five Principles of Unity?” I didn’t seek that.

God is present. God is active. God loves you and cares about you. And when you seek first that presence and seek to follow that guidance and to…you know, “God, I’m willing, I am willing, flow through me…I am your instrument…I long to know you and do your will which is good”…then amazing things unfold in your life.

And, there will be challenges, of course. It doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be challenges because in every challenge there is a gift, there’s growth, there is unfoldment, taking you to the next level, asking you “Who are you?” Asking you, “Who do you think you are?” Asking you, “Where is your faith?” Asking you, “Are you ready to step to the next level and learn the skills that you need?”

If you want more money in your life, what are you going to do to earn it? What are you going to do to attract it? What are you going to do with the next idea, opportunity, that God sends your way?

You are going to say, “I can’t do that. That’s not for me.” Or, are you going to say, “Oh, maybe that’s a divine idea from God. Okay, God, let me look into that. Let me pray about that. Is this what this idea is from you? Is this idea for me?”

I knew a woman who was struggling financially and she liked to sew and to knit stuff. This was a lady in a church. I sat there and saw someone come right up to her and say, “Hey, would you like to knit some stuff for me? I’ll be happy to pay you.” “Oh, no, I can’t do dadada…” God was slapping her in the face and she couldn’t see it.

Somebody said that every one of us receives ideas and we could be millionaires if we just said yes to it and did something with it. If that’s what you want. If you don’t want to worry about money what are you going to do about it?

Colonel Sanders didn’t start Kentucky Fried Chicken until he was retired. He got his first social security check in the mail, and he said, “Well, ah-oh…” He got an idea…

That was okay then. That worked then. I’m not saying I’m all for chicken…Being a vegan that I am…But the message is: He got an idea and he listened to it. And he knew, “I’m a rich child of God.”

God, are you talking to me? Is this my idea? Is this the idea from you? Because, if so, I am ready… I am ready to act on it. I am ready to move forward. I am ready to claim my good. I am ready to be blessed. (I feel like a Televangelist now.) I am ready to be prosperous! I am ready! Are you ready? You are ready to be rich? You are rich! You are rich right now. You know that? You are rich right now.

If we spend too much time thinking about what I want…what I want…what I want…what I want…what I want…what I want…I forget the good that I have right now. Right? You and I have a body…thank goodness, we’re on the planet still…we have a body…we have life…we have good in our lives right now if we we’d just see it…that, ladies and gentlemen is being rich.