The Subconscious Mind

How do you talk to yourself? Are you critical or kind? It matters, because your Subconscious Mind is listening. Learn more in this brief video message.

Full Video Transcript

The subconscious mind, as has been said, can’t take a joke.

“Oh, I’m so dumb!”

The subconscious mind goes “Hehehe, yes, you are! I’ll help make you dumb!” It’s internal. Psycho-Cybernetics Dr. Maxwell Maltz says your subconscious mind is like a servo-mechanism—it goes to work on your behalf. “Oh, I don’t have any talent…hahahaha!” You are right.

“Oh, I don’t have any respect!” “

“You are right, you don’t. Let’s create more of that in your life.”

“Oh, I’m flat broke!”

“Okay, let’s create more of that for you.”

It just registers. It listens and it goes to work. And it doesn’t play favorites…it doesn’t play favorites. It just says “yes.” Whatever we plant in that garden will begin to grow. Limitation, lack or abundance, and success; it just says “yes.”

And as we plant those seeds, then we begin releasing that infinite intelligence within us, then we begin releasing that super conscious level of mind, that begins to operate in an amazing way, where you might just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

You see this, ladies and gentlemen, is not an easy teaching—it’s a teaching of responsibility.

And sometimes when Jesus spoke to his disciples, it is said, they left. They stopped following, because they didn’t want the difficult teaching. They wanted some kind of “fortune cookie” religion. Open a fortune cookie and that’s all you have to do.

But it’s about consciousness—changing consciousness. When you plant a seed, you know what it is that you want. You plant the seed and you begin moving in the direction of that, the whole universe will start to work in your favor. And there will be obstacles; there will be people trying to take over your worship service, there will be all kinds of things that are going to happen, tape recorders breaking down at the last minute, you know, whatever it is.

There will be things coming into your life that you have no idea, you have no plan about anything happening, but through the power of God within you, you keep putting one step in front of the other and you keep on persisting, believing and having faith and things start to happen, because you begin to release that Power of God that’s working inside of you.

I feel the presence of God. Do you feel the presence of God here today? God blesses this service. God blesses these teachings. These teachings are changing the world. These teachings are moving out to millions of people around the planet now. People are waking up. They are not so narrow-minded anymore. People are starting to open up. In their minds they are starting to realize “Nobody owns God.” God is omnipresent. Everybody has God. God is in the person in the East, in the West, in the North and the South. God is up on Mars, if anything is up there. God is everywhere and everybody has that presence and power of God. And nobody has the right and only way to Truth. Amen?