Take Up Your Bed

“Just do it!” We’ve heard that slogan before, but how many of us go years before we make a change we know in our hearts should have been made a long time ago? Take up your bed – and walk. Learn more in this brief video message.

Video Transcript

Remember the man who sat by the pool at Bethesda? He needed a healing. He was there for years…for years…healing waters there, at the pool…And Jesus came in and said, “Do you want to be healed?” Good question. Maybe the man thought, “Well, I’m not sure. It’s kind of nice. I am here…I am here and people feel sorry for me…I got friends. They bring me food. So, I don’t know if I want to be healed.”

Jesus asked him a question. He probably showed him a possibility of what he could be and do and have, if he did move forward, and the man said, “Yes.” And Jesus said, Take up your bed and walk!

Make a decision. Decide. A lot of us have beds that we are sitting on: ideas , things that we wanted to do,…And we’re just sitting on a bed.   Maybe it’s time. We need to make a decision. Principle number seven: and overcome procrastination by taking up our bed and walking.

Please turn to three people and say, “Take up your bed and walk!” Take up your bed and walk! Take up your bed and walk!

What ideas, what projects, what burning desires just sitting there on a bed that you want to move forward with? Take up your bed and walk! Decide. It is true that things will change if we do nothing . However there may not be changes we like.

A woman, 85 years of age, decided to leave her husband . (It happens, ladies and gentlemen. It really does.) When her therapist asked her why, she said: “He’s a mean, two-timing man and has been for 60 years. So, the therapist asked a natural question: “Why didn’t you leave him a long time ago?”

And she said, “Well, I was waiting for the kids to graduate high school. Then, I waited until the house was paid off. By then, I was 50. Then, I waited until I was receiving social security. Then I read in a book that women lived longer than man and I was waiting for him to die. But he ended up being a lot healthier than I imagined.

So, instead of taking the unpleasant situation head on and living a life she wanted, she stayed in an unpleasant situation, hoping things would work out. What she could have done was taking up her bed, without her husband in it, and walk.

Take up your bed and walk…”