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2016-17 New Year’s “Burning Bowl & Sacred Stone” Ceremony!

Burning Bowl Photos (Click To Enlarge)

2016 Christmas Candle-Lighting Ceremony!

Christmas Candle Lighting Photos (click to enlarge)

Holiday Happening & Book Fair!

The Unity Center ushered in the holiday season with our “Holiday Happening & Book Fair”, on Saturday, December 3rd!

Our Unity Community enjoyed fun and fellowship, great deals in our Discovery Room Bookstore, raffle prizes & book and poetry readings from some of our congregants including: 

  • Eve Blohm: “Still Waters”
  • Glory Brown “The Voice: A Story Of Intuition”
  • Vera DeCicco:”Angels Unaware”
  • Bobbie Horowitz: “Fit & Fabulous From 50 Forward”
  • Linda Trice: “Kenya’s Art”, “Kenya’s Song”

Check out the photos: (click to enlarge):